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Additional Services Offered

Infusion Services

Infusion services are a natural way for you to reach your health goals with a little helping boost. We offer multiple infusion packages and consultations to provide a customized approach to help you meet your health goals. We offer immunity, weight loss, digestive health and energy infusions as well as ‘add on’ packages that you can add to any infusion services. 


What are infusions? A low cost option for increasing micronutrients into your veins. (we have numbing spray for those afraid of needles) Our infusion specialists will check your vitals after your intake paperwork is completed. Then you can get comfy in one of our heated massage chairs. You infusion will take 15-40 minutes depending on what type you selected. Most people notice a few days after the infusion they notice they are sleeping better, have better energy and clarity. 

Our providers are different, we listen, we care

Our practice model is as unique as you are.


We do not believe in the current ‘one size fits all’ model of health care.

We are the only Integrative Practice in 100 miles, offering services that no other practice provides. 

As the only Integrative Health Practice in the region, our service model and patient care model is different than any health care practice you have experienced in rural Minnesota. Our focus on health integration, holistic prevention along with infusion services to complement your health goals has more of a boutique feel than the typical clinic you are used to.


You have the right to choose what is best for you and your family. We honor your decisions. We listen to you, offer you options that best align with your health goals and create a customized health care plan for you. This practice model does not exist within our region and we are honored to walk with you during your health care experience.


 We offer customized telehealth virtual visits, traditional in person appointments in addition to old fashioned house calls, home visits when mobility is limited. 


We have several providers that are accepting new patients, call today to set up a new patient appointment!

320-372-2323  320-372-2312

Three Locations to Serve You Better!

501 Main Street

Sandstone, MN 55072


263 W. 4th Street

Rush City, MN 55069


1300 Northridge Drive NW Suite 2

Pine City, MN 55063


We accept most insurances, discounted same day cash pay and offer sliding scale for those with

no insurance or high deductibles.


At Selah Wellness Clinic LLC we do all the things other clinics do, except on terms that work for you. You decide if you want traditional care, holistic care or a mix of both. 


We do acute care visits like coughs, abdominal pain, headaches, stiches, lesion removal, sprains, strains, pregnancy and birth control, and acute infections like ear infections, pneumonia, (STD/STI testing and treatment too). 

We also are here to help with chronic care visits like high blood pressure, migraines, diabetic management, skin conditions, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD, thyroid issues, substance use, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, arthritis and more.


We are also here to help with well child exams, vaccines and sports physicals, annual physicals (paps and prostates- yup we do that too). Everything listed here and more, only with you as the focus of the visit. 


We are accepting primary care patients for all of your health needs: 

Integrative and Holistic Care Plans are part of each visit

Annual Physical Exams

Sports Physicals

Medicare Wellness Exams

All Chronic Conditions & Acute Illnesses

Palliative Care and Pain Therapies

Medication Management

Veteran Health Care


Specialized care for:

Weight Loss Management

Infusion Services

Dermal Fillers & Botox injections

Addiction Services 

(Suboxone, Methadone, Vivitrol)

Integrative Medicine & Holistic 

Naturopathic Services, Western & Eastern Practices

Indigenous Traditional Healing

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & Sleep Dysfunction

Ketamine and Spravato Therapies

Pain Therapies 

(including joint injections & Medical THC Certification)

Palliative Care and Hospice Provider Services

Adoption & Foster Family Care

Customized Services for Patient Populations in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

SANE Provider

Psychiatric Services & Psychotherapy Services

Partnering with equine, art and music therapists to offer services to our patients


Primary Care and Specialty Services Fee Disclosures and Price Transparency

A practice that identifies the cost of services up front? No surprise bills? That practice model doesn't exist! Until now.


This practice believes in what we do, that you are a valued individual- not a number on a spreadsheet. Our fee disclosure and service fees align with our holistic and integrative mission to provide unique care that is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

If you cannot afford your care, please let us know prior to your visit so we may assist you on terms that will work for our relationship.


Welcome to your care team where YOU are the priority.



Cash Pay (Payment in full same day as visit)

Cash Pay Nurse Visit Established Patient                                              $30 

Cash Pay Straighforward under 15 min visit Established Patient      $50 

Cash Pay 20  min Visit Established Patient                                           $100 

Cash Pay 30  min Visit Established Patient                                           $150 

Cash Pay 40  min Visit Established Patient                                           $185 


Cash Pay INR                                                        $20

Cash Pay Strep A                                                  $22

Cash Pay Hemoglobin                                         $11

Cash Pay TSH                                                        $35 

Cash Pay A1C                                                        $30 

Cash Pay Glucose                                                 $8

Cash Pay FOBT Fecal Occult Blood Stool        $25 

Cash Pay Urinalysis                                             $20

Cash Pay Lipids                                                    $40

Cash Pay Drug Abuse UA                                   $50

Cash Pay Urine Pregnancy test                        $15 

Cash Pay Urine microalbumin                         $45

Cash Pay New Patient 20 min                          $135

Cash Pay New Patient 30 min                         $185 

Cash Pay New Patient 40 min                         $225 

Cash Pay New Patient 50 min                         $275 

Cash Pay New Patient Preventative Exam less than one year old     $120 

Cash Pay New Patient Preventative Exam 1-4 years old                      $130 

Cash Pay New Patient Preventative Exam 5-11 years old                    $135 

Cash Pay New Patient Preventative Exam 12-17 years old                  $140

Cash Pay New Patient Preventative Exam 18-39 years old                 $145 

Cash Pay New Patient Preventative Exam 40-64 years old.                $160 

Cash Pay New Patient Preventative Exam 65+ years old                    $175 

Cash Pay Established Patient Preventative Exam (birth-1)                  $98 

Cash Pay Established Patient Preventative Exam 1-4 years old         $110 

Cash Pay Established Patient Preventative Exam 5-11 years old       $112 

Cash Pay Established Patient Preventative Exam 12-17 years old     $118 

Cash Pay Established Patient Preventative Exam 18-39 years old     $120 

Cash Pay Established Patient Preventative Exam 40-64 years old     $130 

Cash Pay Established Patient Preventative Exam 65+                          $145 


Cash Pay Sports Physical                       $40

Cash Pay EKG                                           $40 

Cash Pay Toe Nail Trim/Care                $45

Cash Pay Ingrown Toe Nail Removal  $220

Cash Pay steroid injection by provider (small joint)                            $60 

Cash Pay steroid injection by provider (moderate/large joint)         $90 

Cash Pay Botox Full                  $1,500

Cash pay Botox Partial             $600

Cash Pay Botox Depression/Therapeutic       $2,200

(Some insurances have started covering Botox injections for therapeutic purposes, please call us to inquire)


Visits Billed to Insurance or Approved Health Plans

Nursing Only Visit

Established patient in person or video virtual visit               $100


Provider Visit

Established Patient level 2 visit                                                $180

Established Patient level 3 or 25 minute visit                        $260

Established Patient level 4 or 35 minute visit                        $370

Established Patient level 5 or 45 minute visit                        $510

Sports Physical                                                                            $120

EKG                                                                                                $235 

Advanced Care Planning                                                           $120 


New Patient level 2 visit                                                            $180 

New Patient level 3 or 25 minute visit                                    $260

New Patient level 4 or 35 minute visit                                    $370

New Patient level 5 or 45 minute visit                                    $510


New Patient Preventative Exam birth-1                                  $390    

New Patient Preventative Exam 1-4 years old                       $405

New Patient Preventative Exam 5-11 years old                     $415

New Patient Preventative Exam 12-17 years old                   $435

New Patient Preventative Exam 18-39 years old                   $445

New Patient Preventative Exam 40-64 years old                   $490

New Patient Preventative Exam 65+ years old                      $545

Established Patient Preventative Exam birth-1                      $315

Established Patient Preventative Exam 1-4 years old            $345 

Established Patient Preventative Exam 5-11 years old          $355 

Established Patient Preventative Exam 12-17 years old        $375 

Established Patient Preventative Exam 18-39 years old        $405 

Established Patient Preventative Exam 40-64 years old        $420 

Established Patient Preventative Exam 65+                            $440

Welcome to Medicare Annual Exam                                        $540

Annual Wellness Visit Initial Medicare                                    $560

Subsequent Annual Wellness Medicare                                  $410

Complex Foot Exam/Nail Trim                                                 $170

Ingrown Toenail Removal                                                         $345

Psychotherapy Crisis                                                                 $355

Psychotherapy 16-37 min (30 min)                                         $125

Psychotherapy 45 min                                                              $295

Psychotherapy 60min                                                               $360

Group Psychotherapy (not family)                                         $85

Family/Couples Psychotherapy with patient                       $180

Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessment with medical                $820 

Psychiatric Diagnostic Eval                                                      $610

Developmental Testing first hour                                            $250


Methadone/Suboxone Medication Induction                        $435

*If you are uninsured or have a high deductible plan and are a methadone/suboxone patient or need methadone/suboxone services we will work with you. Do not be discouraged, we are here to help you on your successful road to recovery. You are a person first, a patient second. 



As many of our patients are commuting from outside of Pine County and we serve a 'snow-bird' retirement clientele, our pricing and business model are based off national industry pricing standards for similar boutique services and practices such as Mayo Foundation, Health Partners, Tenet, Federal Qualified HealthCare Centers as well as similar clinics in Arizona, Wyoming, Texas and Florida.

Our pricing is visible and available here on our website as well as posted clearly in clinic for review. 

We take it a step further and add our Minnesota nice hospitality and offer sliding scale pricing for those that need that consideration.

We honor your decision to include us in your health care team, we see you as a human first, a patient second.



While our pricing and fee schedule is as public as our good name and reputation, we honor your right to privacy. You have the right to confidentiality in your health information. We will never sell, distribute, or disclose your information to any parties that you do not authorize. If you have insurance, you must sign a release waiver to have your information released to bill your insurance where applicable.


All of our employees, contractors and personnel are HIPAA certified. With your permission, we may utilize your health information to facilitate your care or contact you to assist with your services and treatment. As we work with sexual assault victims and victims of violence, as well as those that have concerns about familial involvement in their care, we are allies, we honor that some communications need to be confidential and we respect that. If you need to be contacted in a specific way, such as by a different number or not by mail, we will always accommodate all reasonable requests.


As a patient you have the right to have a copy of your health record, know what is in it as well as ask us to correct or amend any health information you think is incorrect or incomplete. This is controversial in some practices. We don't feel that this should be controversial.

We honor your right to know what is in your records.

(Please excuse any errors, omissions or mistakes on the pricing page. We try to complete updates to pricing as able. Please ask prior to a visit if you are concerned about coverage or costs.)



Looking For Something Different?

 Call today to set up an appointment to see if our customized treatment is right for you.    

 320-372-2323     320-372-2312


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