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Additional Services Offered

Weight Loss & Infusion Services

Infusion services are a natural way for you to reach your health goals with a little helping boost. 

What are infusions? A low cost option for increasing micronutrients into your veins. (we have numbing spray for those afraid of needles) Our infusion specialists will check your vitals after your intake paperwork is completed. Then you can get comfy in one of our heated massage chairs. You infusion will take 15-40 minutes depending on what type you selected. Most people notice a few days after the infusion they notice they are sleeping better, have better energy and clarity. 


Our Weight Loss program has natural injection options as well as prescription options to help you reach your goals. As some people will not medically qualify for certain prescription medications, it takes an intake/visit to determine what steps would best work for you. We are happy to assit you with setting up an intake appointment to start on your journey today!



Our providers are different, we listen, we care

Our practice model is as unique as you are.

We do not believe in the current ‘one size fits all’ model of health care.

As the only Integrative Health Practice in the region, our service model and patient care model is different than any health care practice you have experienced in rural Minnesota. Our focus on health integration, holistic prevention along with infusion services to complement your health goals has more of a boutique feel than the typical clinic you are used to.


You have the right to choose what is best for you and your family. We honor your decisions. We listen to you, offer you options that best align with your health goals and create a customized health care plan for you. This practice model does not exist within our region and we are honored to walk with you during your health care experience.


 We offer customized telehealth virtual visits, traditional in person appointments in addition to old fashioned house calls, home visits when mobility is limited. 


We have several providers that are accepting new patients, call today to set up a new patient appointment!

320-372-2323  320-372-2312

Three Locations to Serve You Better!

501 Main Street

Sandstone, MN 55072


263 W. 4th Street

Rush City, MN 55069


1300 Northridge Drive NW Suite 2

Pine City, MN 55063


We accept most insurances, discounted same day cash pay and offer sliding scale for those with

no insurance or high deductibles.


At Selah Wellness Clinic LLC we do all the things other clinics do, except on terms that work for you. You decide if you want traditional care, holistic care or a mix of both. 


We do acute care visits like coughs, abdominal pain, headaches, stiches, lesion removal, sprains, strains, pregnancy and birth control, and acute infections like ear infections, pneumonia, (STD/STI testing and treatment too). 

We also are here to help with chronic care visits like high blood pressure, migraines, diabetic management, skin conditions, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD, thyroid issues, substance use, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, arthritis and more.


We are also here to help with well child exams, vaccines and sports physicals, annual physicals (paps and prostates- yup we do that too). Everything listed here and more, only with you as the focus of the visit. 























   We are accepting primary care patients for all of your health needs:                         Weight Loss Management

   Integrative and Holistic Care Plans are part of each visit.                                              Infusion Services

   Annual Physical Exams                                                                                                         Non-Medication Depression Treatment

   Sports Physicals                                                                                                                     Addiction Services 

   Medicare Wellness Exams                                                                                                    Integrative Medicine & Holistic 

   All Chronic Conditions & Acute Illnesses                                                                           Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & Sleep Dysfunction

   Palliative Care and Pain Therapies                                                                                     Ketamine and Spravato Therapies

   Medication Management                                                                                                     Psychiatric Services & Psychotherapy Services

   Veteran Health Care                                                                                                             Pain Therapies 

                                                                                                                                     (including joint injections & Medical THC Certification)


What's new at Selah?

Looking For Something Different?

Bringing clarity to mental health, one patient at a time

TMS is:
  • FDA approved
  • Covered by most insurances
  • Most patients say it doesn’t hurt, it’s similar to
      PT/physical therapy for your brain

“For years I have heard, ‘someone should do something about the mental health crisis’, ‘someone should do something’. We are taking bold action. We have raised our hand and said, here we are. We are doing something. 
Our unique program combines specific therapies, including TMS to heal people suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD and substance use. Our team is dedicated to driving the change that we need in this world. We don’t have all the answers, but we will help you find the answers while you are healing. Sometimes all it takes is someone to say, ‘here I am, I’m ready to make a difference’.
Our goal is to reduce the mental health crisis as well as the substance use crisis. While providing exceptional primary, integrative care, as well as mental health and substance use services, we will also partner with like-minded teams to offer additional services that our community needs. We know this battle isn’t going to be easy, but it’s one that we feel is worth fighting.”

“I’ve been on more medications than most. I’ve tried so many things from different doctors. Then I started with the Selah Wellness team. LIFE CHANGING. They had solutions and offered things I had never heard of to help. The TMS program has given me back my life. There is not enough time to tell you all about the great things that this clinic and team are doing.”
“I have had chronic health issues for years. I am so thankful to have found the Selah team. They are so responsive and you can tell they really care about me getting better, not just a revolving door of handing out meds. My physical health is so much better. My mental health has never been better. This TMS therapy is real, this has made the difference in fixing my depression when medications did nothing. I was so skeptical, but this program has helped when nothing else did. I wish I started years ago.”

Patient experiences:

  • Drug-free depression treatment? That's how we Selah, offering treatments that previously were not available in the rural areas. 
  • TMS is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, a non-medication treatment for major depression for people ages 15-75. TMS uses magnetic pulses to reignite dormant synapse in the brain. 
  • This treatment takes as little as 19 minutes per day and over 83% of people reported notable relief and over 62% remission rates. 
  • In the STAR*D study, it showed that if you have tried 3 or more medications the chance of remission with medications alone is 7%. 

Featured provider:


Danielle Carlin APRN, FNP-C, SANE-A, SANE-P, Diabetic Educator

Seeing patients of all ages for primary and integrative care. Specializing in nutrition, diabetic care and complex autoimmune conditions. TMS Intake provider. Sexual Assault Examiner, Suboxone/Vivitrol DEA XWaivered provider.


“As an integrative and traditional provider, I help people heal with natural and prescription methods. I have learned that prevention of health issues is critical, and helping people is my passion. I help a lot of people with autoimmune conditions and have a heart for diabetic education. I care about people deeply, I want what is best for everyone, whatever that looks like- and I want to help them get there.


I am the daughter and sister of veterans and help as many veterans as I can. I have a dedication to those in uniform. I see many veterans and LEOs. After working years in a downtown Minneapolis hospital, there’s a comradery that most people don’t understand. We are all willing to leave our families day after day, to help others. That is sacrifice like most people couldn’t understand. We risk our lives in each of our professions DOC/LEO, EMS, nursing, military, some never make it home. My family knows that loss too well, some pay the ultimate sacrifice.”

 Call today to set up an appointment to see if our customized treatment is right for you.    

 320-372-2323     320-372-2312

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

“I had tried over 12 antidepressants and mood medications. I had done years of therapy. I found Selah. This place is amazing, the best clinic I have ever been to. My blood pressure is better, my sleep is great now, I have now reached a healthy weight, I feel healthy. The best part, my depression is now in remission and I am looking forward to life. Thank you Selah Wellness.”

“I’ve never been to a clinic where the doctor takes the time to listen to you. Like really listens, and cares what is going on in your life. This clinic is amazing and this is just what our area needed.”

“I’ve had PTSD after some really bad calls. The nightmares were eating me alive, I couldn’t function. I had never heard of ART. I was asked to trust my doctor and try it. It has been life changing. Years of therapy can’t hold a firehose to what I have accomplished at Selah. They know what serving in uniform means, they get it. They helped save my life.”

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